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RFLSI Ⅲ Laser Speckle Imaging System

RFLSI III is a robust blood perfusion imaging system. Along with advanced software, it helps researchers real-time monitor and record blood perfusion of any exposed tissues or organs for microcirculation study, to visualize the quantified data directly, shorten the experiment time, and obtain outcomes easily.

RFLSI  is based on the LSCI (Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging) technology. With the advantages of its non-contact, high frame-rate, high spatial resolution, it can be used to observe and record blood perfusion of any exposed tissues or organs for microcirculation study.

This system is designed for pre-clinical microcirculation research like ischemic stroke, lower limbs, mesentery, etc. Multi-Output includes blood perfusion images and videos (4.2 million pixels), quantified data for perfusion unit and vessel diameter.



  • Cerebral blood perfusion monitoring
  • MCAO model assessment
  • Cortical spreading depression observation
  • Hind-limb ischemia research
  • Skin burn/skin flap transplantation
  • Organ microcirculation observation


  • Reliable Data Measurement

Stable laser output for reliable and consistent measurement over minutes, hours and days, accuracy up to 0.1 PU, easy to control variables.

  • Full-Frame HD Image & Video

A high-definition camera (full-frame 2048x2048 resolution) helps you see the blood vessel endings and opens the world of microcirculation imaging.

  • High Frame Rate

A high-speed camera (up to 120 FPS) allows you to record rapid changes every second and record more details of blood vessel changes after treatment.

  • Quantified Visualization Data

Full-field monitoring, quantitative analysis. Multi-output includes vascular perfusion volume, vessel diameter, vessel angle, etc., also offline state analysis available.

  • Guaranteed to Run Smoothly

USB 3.0 compatible.Data acquisition and blood perfusion image with video generated rapidly without delay.

  • Easy Operation

Unique non-contact technology, no need for a special dark environment. Autofocus function, easy to use, get perfusion data and video in seconds.


Client Say

Clinical & Experimental Epilepsy

“I couldn’t suggest further hardware features as I feel everything the user would need is there. The quality of the images is wonderful, The pixel resolution of the images is very impressive also. The user friendly software allows the user to control all aspects of both the operation of the machine but also the analysis of the results. The features available for data analysis, such as the ROI function and blood perfusion graph, allow for exciting results. .....”

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--Dr Samuel M Flaherty

The University of Manchester

Stroke & Vascular Function

“We can use the Laser Speckle Imaging System to observe the 5th branch of Mesentery.”


--Yi-Je (Jay) Chen, Ph. D.

丨Assistant Professor, UC Davis

Brain Injury

“The instrument is incredibly easy to use allowing high-resolution images that can be used to assessed cerebral blood perfusion and vessels diameter at a highly reproducible level. I found impressive the possibility to monitor in real-time the results of several ROIs using the perfusion graph function provided in the software."


--Dr. Federico Moro

Istituto di ricerche farmacologiche Mario Negri

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RFLSI Ⅲ Laser Speckle Imaging System
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