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MP-500 Micropipette Puller


RWD MP-500 micropipette puller is developed to solve the microelectrode problems in patch clamp and microinjection experiments. The unique fixed position design of the heating filament makes it easier to replace various models of filaments.

It has avant-garde intelligent operation interface, unique fixed position design of the heating filament and other user-friendly design. MP-500 integrates stability, intelligence and humanization, which can meet the requirements of microelectrode-related experiments and enhance user experience at the same time.

In summary, MP-500 is an excellent choice for microelectrode related experiments.



  • The unique fixed position design of the heating filament makes it easier to replace various models of filaments.
  • The user interface adopts capacitive color touch screen(1024*600px) with high sensitivity.
  • The integrated plug-in humidity control chamber is easy to disassemble, which can keep the air around the filament and the capillary glass dry during the pulling process to avoid the adverse effect of humid air on the pulling result.
  • Two microelectrodes with symmetrical tips are stably produced every time. The tip diameter can be less than 0.1 μm, the cone length 3~15 mm, and the impedance range from 1 to above 100Ω with high repeatability.
  • According to the type of the capillary glass tube and the heating filament and the kinds of glass microelectrodes to be pulled (patch clamp microelectrodes, intracellular recording microelectrodes, etc.), the corresponding pull protocols are provided as a reference and can be modified according to special requirements.
  • The device can store up to 99 pulling programs.
  • The system diagnostic function can be used to manually check whether all the components of the puller are in normal working condition.
  • The preheating and constant temperature function can reduce the influence of the accumulation of jaw heat on the consistency of the pulling results during continuous pulling.
  • The safe heat mode can avoid the damage of the filament from high temperature
  • The front panel cover adopts a roller design, which is convenient for users to open easily.


Order information

Model of micropipette puller Product Description
MP-500(HF-3025B) Users can choose one of the three kinds of commonly used heating filament according to actual needs. One has already been installed on the puller before leaving the factory, and the other one is for replacement.
Model of Heating Filament Platinum-iridium alloy(platinum90%,iridium10%)W× L of square box;HF=Heating Filament, B=Box
HF-3025B 2.5×3.0mm
HF-3030B 3.0×3.0mm
HF-2545B 4.5×2.5mm
Model of borosilicate glass with filament Borosilicate glass with filament(I.D.×O.D.×L)
B=Borosilicate, F=Filament
B-15086-10F 1.5×0.86×100mm
B-10050-10F 1.0×0.5×100mm
B-10078-10F 1.0×0.78×100mm
B-12069-10F 1.2×0.69×100mm
B-12094-10F 1.2×0.94×100mm
B-150110-10F 1.5×1.1×100mm
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MP-500 Micropipette Puller
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