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MM-500 Motorized Micromanipulator


The MM-500 is designed to meet the diverse positioning needs of the scientific community for patch clamp experiments, extracellular recording, microinjection, intracellular recording, and precision robotic positioning applications.

The MM-500 uses custom stepper motors, bearing slides that form the basis of a precision mechanical system. The controller supplies the stage motor with a quiet linear power supply that minimizes electrical noise radiation in the setup. The MM-500 is compatible with mainstream micromanipulation platform, can be used with any microscope, can hold a variety of probes and micro-syringes.



  • Small size, Mechanical manipulator (L×W×H)140×148×148 mm, Controller (L×W×H)204×163×140 mm, Rotary photoelectric encoder (L×W×H)153×123×87 mm.
  • The TFT 4.3 inch touch screen shows the position and moving speed of the activated manipulator as well as X, Y and Z.
  • High-resolution stepper motor meets four-axis drive, the maximum distance of X, Y, Z and diagonal movement is 25mm.
  • The maximum moving speed is 2.9mm/s.
  • The precision mechanical system allows sub-micron resolution to 0.132 μm in the coarse range and 33 nm in the fine range.
  • Good stability and small drift, long Term Stability<10nm /h at 24℃.
  • Axes positions are continuously shown in relative or absolute scales, and are easily readable on the screen.
  • A rotary photoelectric encoder can control two manipulators and switch freely.
  • Origin/working position function can meet the requirement of rapid return of electrode to original position/working position.
  • High repeatable positioning accuracy:Single axis ≤1μm, three axis ≤2μm.
  • Switch continuous increment or step increment mode directly by pressing the key.


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MM-500-2 Motorized micromanipulators(Double-handed setup)
MM-500-L Motorized micromanipulators(Left-handed setup)
MM-500-R Motorized micromanipulators(Right-handed setup)
MM-500L Left-handed mechanical manipulator
MM-500R Right-handed mechanical manipulator
MT-500 Microscope moving platform(Contains 3 supporting columns, 1 XY mobile platform, 1 microscope mounting bracket, 1 XY mobile platform mounting bracket)
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MM-500 Motorized Micromanipulator
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