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General Ophthalmic Surgery Instrument Kit for Rodents

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Surgical instrument kit for MCAO, spinal cord injury, universal dissecting,cardio-cerebral perfusion surgery,brain micro injection surgery and micro dialysis surgery etc. which could satisfied with the whole experiment operation for rodents from skin dissection to sutured.

Cat No. Description Qty
S11001-08 VANNAS Spring Scissors (Triangular)-S/S Str/8*1.5mm/8cm 1
S11002-08 VANNAS Spring Scissors (Triangular)-S/S Cvd/8*1.5mm/8cm 1
S11003-08 VANNAS Spring Scissors (Triangular)-S/S Angled/6.3*1.35mm/8.5cm 1
S12005-10 IRIS-Fine Scissors (Round Type)-S/S Str/23*5mm/10.5cm 1
S12006-10 IRIS-Fine Scissors (Round Type)-S/S Cvd/22*4.5mm/10.5cm 1
S15006-09 O'BRIEN Stitch Scissors-S/S Angled/13.5*4mm/9.5cm 1
F12013-10 Dressing Forceps w/o Serrations-45°Cvd, S/S, Tip 0.5*0.2mm, 10cm 1
F13019-12 ADSON 1x2 Teeth Tissue Forceps, Tip width 1.8mm, 12cm 1
F12005-10 IRIS Dissecting Forceps-Str, Tip width 1mm, teeth length 14mm, 10cm 1
F12006-10 IRIS Dissecting Forceps-Light Cvd, Tip width 1mm, teeth length 13.5mm, 10cm 1
F18011-09 McPHERSON Forceps w/5mm Platform-Str, Tip 0.4*0.9mm, 9cm 1
F31047-12 OLSEN-HEGAR Needle Holders with Scissors-Str, 10*2.15mm/12cm 1
F35401-50 NA Terylene Sutures w/Needle-○3/8/3×10/90㎝/5-0 (50/Box) 0.2
R21027-12 STEVENS Hooks, 1 Angled Tooth ,5mm depth, 12.5cm 1
R22029-04 Colibri Eye Specula-15mm spread, 4cm 1
SP0001-P Instrument Storage Portfolio 1
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